Even though League Of Legends can be taken quite seriously because it’s a well-respected eSport, it can also be a pretty fun game. Every character has unique reactions, taunts, and interactions with other characters in the game. Apart from being fun by default, the game can also be funny and humorous in its own special ways.

If you’re a devoted League player, you’ll probably comprehend and see the humorous side of these puns and jokes. On the other hand, if you’re not a regular visitor of the Summoner’s Rift, you should still see the funny side of it. Either way, sit back, relax, and get ready to have a great time! We Garen-tee you’ll love it.


If you ever had an opportunity to watch LCS matches, then you probably know how casters love to implement a joke or a pun during the broadcast. It’s not unusual to hear a clever joke in the middle of the fight when it’s nothing but chaos on the Summoner’s Rift. Some people notice it right away, while others don’t – and that’s the beauty of it. The discretion in these jokes makes them clever and respect-worthy.

As you may know, Phreak is one of the casters who always like to entertain the crowd when the game takes a slower pace. He always has the best puns, although cringe is expected when it comes to Phreak’s jokes.

Phreak tries to dodge Sjokz fired!

During the week 3 of EU LCS back in 2015 the host of European LCS Eefje Depoortere also known as Sjokz had a little Twitter correspondence with TSM’s mid-laner Bjergsen and Origen’s jungler Amazing. Bjergsen said he couldn’t wait to see his old buddy Amazing on the LCS World’s stage. Sjokz saw the opportunity and tweeted – “Well, for that to happen, Amazing first has to make it into the LCS.”

Woah, Sjokz fired!

However, David “Phreak” Turley had a pretty funny answer for Sjokz –

“Call me Earthquake, because I’m after Sjokz.”

Consequently, due to the incredibly low quality of his pun, Phreak got ultied with a pen by Zirene from the desk.

Sadly, Zirene missed his skill shot, as usual.

Phreak is the king of cringe

In the sea of league of legends jokes, David “Phreak” Turley is definitely the captain. Although a lot of people make fun of his jokes, they are sometimes quite clever and subtle.

For instance, after the CLG vs. XDG game, Phreak asked two players from CLG the following question –

“Talk to me about the duo lane. You’ve got Sheep (a player) on one side, Moo (also a player) on the other side. It’s a bit of a farm lane, how did it go for you guys?”

A slightly corny joke, but funny nonetheless.

Click on the link to see the reaction of his coworker Sam “Kobe” Hartman-Kenzler.

The collection of Phreak’s miserable attempts

As you already know, he has the greatest collection of puns in his sleeve. However, the way Phreak delivers them is funny in its own way, to say the least. The jokes may not be super-cool, but when David fails to deliver, it’s funnier than the joke itself.

This video is an ultimate collection of Phreak’s attempts to be funny. Take a moment and check it out, great moments await those who dare to watch the video.


While Phreak is the one who’s best-known for his puns, other casters also had their moments of brilliance during live broadcasts. Take a moment and check these epic moments, you won’t regret a single second – guaranteed.

Erik “DoA” Lonnquist

DoA is a former LCK (Korean League) caster. If you ever had the chance to watch one of the games he was casting, you definitely had a great time. This guy is the most loved caster of them all, alongside with Leigh “Deman” Smith.

DoA and Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles are two former casters, and the most amazing duo League of Legends has ever seen. The way they communicate during the game and the way they fulfill each other is a divine spectacle.

The EPIC monolog

One of the best scenes ever in the history of professional LoL was DoA’s solo cast. Even though the jokes are quite subtle and discreet, the whole experience must have been quite a burden for DoA because of the absence of his faithful co-caster MonteCristo. However, the level of professionalism and his ability to turn a grim situation into a laughing Fiesta make DoA one of the most-respected casters ever.

Needless to say, the day he left LoL and went over to cast Overwatch broke many, many hearts.

Check out the video; those 8 minutes are going to turn your day into a blessing.


MonteCristo’s and DoA’s greatest duo moments

As we already said, these two guys are masters when it comes to synergy and duo casting. No matter how dull and boring the game was, true LoL players always appreciated the amount of devotion and intelligence these two casters put on their show.

The next 33 minutes of your life will be a worthy investment if you click on the link below.


Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles

MonteCristo is an intelligent caster with a lot of game knowledge, but he also has a great sense of humor. Sadly, he’s not a LoL caster anymore, but he left a ton of great video clips for the followers to reminisce about the good old days.

He was always called out by his colleagues due to his biased opinion toward Korean LoL players, but he knew how to fight back with style.

Check the video out, and you’ll see the level of fun we had while Monte was casting Korean League


Sam “Kobe” Hartman-Kenzler

Kobe is a former professional player who decided that it’s better to have fun and cast professional games instead of losing quite a lot of nerves by being on stage and playing.

When it comes to precise analysis and knowledge about the game, Kobe is one of the best around. He can explain and offer insights into any fights or macro plays done by any team. The best thing about his analysis is the fact that they are highly comprehensive, even for people who never had a chance to play the game.

However, he’s no stranger when it comes to lol jokes and puns, to say the least.

There aren’t many videos of him, but this particular one will make the next 4 minutes the highlight of your day.


Eefje “Sjokz” Deportere

Tens of thousands of people are in love with Sjokz; there is no question about it. Her feisty personality and great game knowledge make her a dream come true for a lot of devoted gamers. However, apart from her beauty she also has a great sense of humor. She can maintain a high level of professionalism due to her experience in journalism, but she always likes to crack a joke or two just to keep the interview or whatever she’s doing interesting enough for the viewers.

Sjokz is a great person, and she’s not afraid to deliver a punch also known as “Sjokz fired!”

Take a look and check the video out, it’s a compilation of Sjokz’s funny moments, you won’t regret it.


Trevor “Quickshot” Henry

When it comes to dynamics and turning a boring game into an experience full of League of Legends puns, Quickshot is the perfect guy for it.

European LCS has one of the best duo casts in the league – Quickshot and Deficio. These two guys are great friends in private life, and it’s more than obvious that it’s going to be a great cast if they do it together. Naturally, a ton of funny moments happened during their casts, and we chose a few legendary ones.

There’s no way you’re not going to like these two guys; they are the definition of bros.


Martin “Deficio” Lynge

Martin is a former professional player from Denmark. He played League in Season 1 and decided to switch to a color casting position. Needless to say, his expertise and analysis are always on point. Deficio definitely knows how to do the job right and deliver all necessary info while keeping a positive and humorous attitude.

His special relationship with Quickshot is something we all remember as one of the best stories coming from the LCS casting teams. Even though Deficio isn’t as prone to puns as some other casters, there are a few compilation videos of him delivering hilarious lines and getting his fair share of lol funny moments. Take a look; you don’t want to miss it.


Aidan “Zirene” Moon

Zirene is a color caster with a lot of game knowledge. When it comes to team-fights, Aidan is one of the best analysts around. The level of professionalism he brings to the analysis is exceptional. However, he also has a funny side. Even though he’s not as popular as some other pun-loving casters, he definitely deserves to be mentioned.

The most notable and famous moment was his live dance performance. Truth be told, he did show a substantial amount of dancing talent. Who knows, if he ever gets tired of League, he might opt for the dance floor.


Other interesting puns and jokes

Now that we’ve finished with the casters, it’s time to turn our attention to the community. As we all know, the Internet is a huge place with a ton of creative people. Consequently, we have hundreds of pick-up lines, jokes, and one-liners available to us with just a few clicks.

We’ve made a list of the most interesting ones so that you don’t have to go through thousands of mediocre lines. Instead, you’ll get the premium package right here. Take a moment and see if you can find the funniest joke ever in this league of legends joke list.


Q: Why can Gangplank never play cards?

A: He’s always standing on the deck.

Q: How do you make a Mordekaiser chroma?

A: You adjust the HUE.

Q: How do you know Alistar is dyslexic?

A: He always goes oom.

Q: What do you call a Bronze team with Nurse Akali, Dr. Mundo, Kennen MD, Soraka, and Surgeon Shen?

A: Doctors without borders.

Q: What do you say when you unintentionally outplay your opponent as Zyra?

A: All plant.

Q: What do you call it when Renekton rushes a chain vest?

A: An In-vest-igator!

Q: Why does Yasuo never get locked out of his house?

A: He always Hasaki

Q: What happens when Malphite and Rammus hang out together?

A: They rock n’ roll.

Q: What’s Lee Sin’s favorite game mode?

A: Blind pick


League of Legends is a great game with a massive potential. If you’re into fantasy MOBA’s, don’t hesitate to give it a try. Even if you don’t like playing these kinds of games, check out the eSports scene, you won’t regret a minute spent watching those games. The community is great, and the casters really know how to make the games as fun as possible thanks to their readiness to deliver some premium league jokes.

November 19, 2021
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