1. How does boosting work?

Once your payment has been processed our automated system will relay a message to one of our professional ELO boosters, and he will log into your account. Once he’s confirmed his ability to log in he will begin playing to get you to your desired league. Please be aware that when you are utilizing our boosting service for your LoL account, you yourself cannot make use of it.

2. Can I get banned for Boosting?

The dedicated team at our boosting service has been doing ELO boosting professionally for over a year and none of our customer have ever been banned for boosting. Riot’s stance on boosting may sound harsh, however in reality it is only meant to scare people away from boosting services. In almost every situation it is impossible for Riot to tell you are using our Professional LoL boosting service. Riot’s policy is to only target very popular streamers that broadcast games on different accounts and penalize these streamers in an effort to teach them a lesson.

Your account will be entirely secure as a result of our encrypted servers, and our professionally trained staff who will never start fights in chat or draw attention to an account being boosted. You can be assured that if an account is banned as a result of our boosting we will offer you a new equivalent account.

3. How can I track the progress of my order?

At any point during the boosting process you can check your order’s progress on and if you would like to spectate we recommend using It’s important that you don’t log onto your account during this time as it can cause delays in the boosting process. Your order will always come before the set deadline and has a very high chance of being delivered ahead of schedule.

4. Will a booster change my Runes or Masteries?

Yes, a booster may alter these if it would enhance your Boosting Service. To provide the best possible LoL Boosting service our professional boosters will sometimes need to make alterations to both Runes and Masteries. If you have any specific requests in regards to this you are welcome to use our custom order feature, where things like masteries and runes may be considered for an additional cost.

5. I have made my payment, what now?

Your order has been entered into our professional Boosting Service system, which will automatically select the best booster for your specific order. They will begin the process once the order is confirmed and finish within the allotted timeframe. Many times your boosting will be concluded before the set deadline.

Term of Use

During the process of our LoL Boosting service you may not play in any ranked games. It is our suggestion that you DO NOT log into your account at all until the boosting has been concluded as this can cause delays in the boosting. Once your order is in, we are unable to offer a refund for any factors that are not directly related to our professional service. All sales are final, by checking out you agree that you have acknowledged this and understand what it entails.