Smurfing Membership


These days, buying LOL Smurfs is very popular on the internet. You buy a brand new account and 1 month later it is permanently suspended. Then, you buy another one. A few months later, BANNED. Again and again, it feels like it never ends. You have spent thousands if not hundreds of dollars on smurf accounts and RPs. In the end, there is a good chance of you getting nothing at all.

We want to help you! So we provide our clients with a solution that could permanently solve this scummy cycle.

That is why you should join us and why we are happy to introduce you to our Smurfing Membership Service.

The Smurfing Membership Service is a service. It is a product. It is a place where you only need to pay a small monthly fee and truly enjoy the game. RPs? Smurfing Accounts? Customer service? We have it all. This is the end all be all membership service that will never turn its back on you

How does this work?

We want to provide something extraordinary for each of our customers. The Smurfing Membership is an offer that you will never be able to turn down.

Here is what you get when you join our membership.

– You will be giving access to 1 Smurf Account

– You will be receiving the same value as your monthly charge worth of RPs at the end of every month. (only Deluxe or VIP membership)

– You will be able to get connected to 1 of our staff on Discord/Skype and get help 24/7.

– If you don’t like your account? No problem, You will also be able to do an exchange for your smurf account.

– If for any reasons, you are not able to log in, or the account is banned for any reason. You will receive a replacement without using your monthly exchange quota. No question asked.

You are indeed getting a free smurf.

here is why.

With our Deluxe membership and VIP membership, you get the same value of the RP back every month.

So, basically, with Delux or VIP, you play the smurf account for free.


Membership Package

NA Server
Access to 1 Smurf Account
- 30+ Champions
- Random Skins/RP/BE
Unlimited Replacement
1 Time Monthly Exchange
Access to Discord Community
NA Server
Access to 1 Smurf Account
- 70+ Champions
- 20+ Skins
- Random RP/BE
2760 RP Monthly ($20 Value)
Unlimited Replacement
1 Time Monthly Exchange
Access to Discord Community
NA Server
Access to 1 Smurf Account
- 100+ Champions
- 60+ Skins
- Random RP/BE
8580 RP Monthly ($60 Value)
*Pick Option
Unlimited Replacement
2 Time Monthly Exchange
Access to Discord Community

*Pick Option Means you will be able to pick from our stock for any accounts you want.

*You will not be able to change the email on the smurf account as you don’t own the account. However, for any reasons, you are not able to login to the account or get banned. You will receive a replacement. No questions asked.

How could this be so cheap?

From our team of professional LOL players, we are able to stock tons of smurf accounts. We are able to get all of the RP at a discount rate. This discount rate is why we are able to offer so much RP while at the same time providing you with a great smurf account. We want our fans to stick with us, not just as a one-time or two-time buyer but as a lifetime one. We designed our memberships and pricing with our desire to give you an absolutely AMAZING DEAL. The price you pay will never even be closed to the services and products we are providing you with.

The only smurfing membership

Nobody is willing to give you this much value because they don’t want to lose money. LoLEpicShop has been around for 5 years. We appreciate the many of you who have supported us throughout the years. And we thank you for all of the great reviews.

We designed and priced this membership service not to make a fortune, but rather, to serve our loyal fans, and give you the services and products that you deserve. We also realized that these days it can be hard to offer a lifetime guarantee. But, we know that once you use our services you will not be disappointed.

You will not be able to find this membership service anywhere else because NO ONE is able to provide you with this service without losing money. We want you to truly enjoy the game.